5ex Naked Springwater

5ex Naked Springwater manufactures stop-tops that prevent drink spiking.

We ask Kate Turner about insights on industry trends and what’s next for her new business.

What are some key trends you’ve noticed in the industry?

The most significant trend I’ve seen is the movement away from alcohol. Gen Z and Millennials are much smarter about their health and what they put in their bodies; and they genuinely care about the environment too. If there is an option to avoid plastic, they will. I love that 5ex is canned and those cans can be recycled.

How has the business benefited by engaging with the City of Gold Coast?

Connections…and good ones too. Doors have been opened and have led to opportunities to work with really impressive people and companies (like Burleigh Brewing).

A key discovery in the past three months that has helped your business?

Confidence. I took a course in stand-up comedy with local comedian Fiona McGary! Yes, talk about terrifying. I did a full stand-up gig at the sit down comedy club in Brisbane, 15 minutes on stage! Seriously, everything after that (e.g. walking into a café and selling 5ex) was easy. And just keep going…momentum is everything.

Next big thing the business is focussed on?

I’d love to see 5ex in the nightclubs. I’m really looking forward to working with Gold Coast influencers, building the brand to one where people are asking for it by name at the bar.